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Undisputed Era come to the ring and Adam Cole says they start the holidays early by embarrassing the top one percent of idiots EC3 tonight. In 2018, EC3 thought that coming to NXT would elevate his career to new heights. With help from a steel chair, EC3 found out that NXT was their world. The Undisputed Era is the center of the universe. Everything revolved around them. Make no mistake about it, 2018 was not a career year for them, it was the start of a decade of undisputed dominance. Adam promises that all four of them will be draped in championship gold in 2019. That is not a threat, that is undisputed.

Match Number One: Bobby Fish (with Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Adam Cole) versus EC3

Fish goes to the floor before EC3 can lock up as he tries to get into EC3’s head. Fish wants EC3 held back but EC3 hip tosses Fish into the ring. EC3 with kicks and punches. EC3 with an Irish whip and Fish goes for the leg. EC3 with a power bomb. EC3 with a Mick Foley clothesline and both go over the top rope to the floor. EC3 goes to the apron and then goes after Fish and sends him back into the ring. EC3 with an arm bar and nerve hold. Fish backs EC3 into the corner. EC3 with chops and a biel. Kyle gets on the apron and that allows Fish to clip EC3.

Fish with punches to EC3. Fish with a boot to EC3 followed by a kick. Fish with a forearm and punches in the corner. Fish with kicks to the thigh followed by a dragon screw leg whip. Fish works on the injured leg and stands on the good knee. EC3 kicks Fish away but misses a splash into the corner and Fish with an exploder for a near fall. EC3 with a suplex. EC3 with punches to Fish and Fish catches himself in the ropes. EC3 with a slam and the One Percent Elbow. EC3 knocks Kyle and Strong off the apron. Fish dives at the knee and takes EC3 down again. Fish with a knee bar but EC3 with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: EC3

After the match, The Undisputed Era attack EC3.

Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight come to the ring and go after Undisputed Era and clear the ring except for Kyle. EC3 hits the One Percenter on Kyle.

EC3 convinces Otis to do the worm and elbow drop.

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 Date: December 13th 2018
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