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NXT TakeOver Digitals | Video Captures

Velveteen Dream makes his way to the ring.

Dream says if you didn’t realize he has a little sparkle in his eyes. Dream has something special in his sights. Dream says you all know better than anybody that Dream waits for no man. If you really knew him, you would know that the sparkle in his eye is a sparkle of championship gold. More specifically the North American Championship. It is high time . . .

Dream is interrupted by Adam Cole and Bobby Fish..

Cole tells Dream to pump the brakes. Everybody knows that 2019 will be the year of the Undisputed Era. They will capture all championship gold. Kyle and Roderick are getting ready for another title defense. Him and Bobby don’t have any gold to speak of. They don’t like arriving empty handed and they will have gold around their waists. You can continue to dream on.

Bobby says Dream is making a mistake getting the hopes of the crowd raised. You need to learn to live in reality because 2019 will continue to be our era. That is undisputed.

Dream tells Bobby he is ready to dispute that claim but only if it is okay with Adam.

Fish comes into the ring and Dream sends him over the top rope to the floor. Cole is sent to the floor as well and Dream escapes.

Match Number Three: Velveteen Dream versus Bobby Fish (with Adam Cole)

Fish tries for a kick to the leg but Dream with an elbow. Fish with a forearm and kicks. Fish misses a round kick and Dream makes sure he can see Cole. Dream blocks a kick and Fish with a shoulder tackle. Dream gets Fish up on his shoulders but Fish escapes. Dream with a drop kick but Fish with a boot in the corner. Dream comes off the turnbuckles with a double sledge and he gets a near fall. Fish goes to the floor to talk strategy with Cole.

Dream goes to the apron when Fish and Cole move on the floor. Dream with a springboard drop kick and then he goes up top and hits Fish with a double sledge. Dream sends Fish back into the ring and he connects with a forearm to the back while he has a conversation with Cole. Dream with forearms but Fish with a forearm. Dream with punches but Fish with a waist lock. Dream with an elbow and Dream is distracted by Cole and Fish slides to teh floor and kicks the hamstring and he sends Dream into the guardrails with a dragon screw leg whip.

Fish kicks Dream in the back of the leg and they return to the ring. Fish continues to work on the injured leg. Fish with knees to Dream followed by a snap mare and double slingshot senton and he gets a near fall. Fish continues to kick Dream in the leg. Dream kicks Fish away but Fish returns to the leg with a clip and Fish gets a near fall. Fish with a single leg crab. Dream kicks Fish to get out o fthe hold. Dream with a knee to Fish and he connects with another knee to the head. Dream with a missile drop kick and he gets a near fall.

Dream with a punch in the corner and he connects with more punches. Dream argues with the referee and Fish kicks Dream. Dream with a spinebuster and Dream goes up top for the elbow drop and he connects but Fish rolls through and applies a knee bar. Dream tries to get to the ropes as he fights through the pain. Cole pulls the ropes away from Dream while the referee is not looking. The referee finally sees it and he warns Cole. Dream with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Dream gets Fish on his shoulders but Fish escapes. Dream sends Fish onto Cole on the floor. Dream hits a rolling Death Valley Driver and he goes up top for the elbow drop and connects for the three count.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

 Posted by: admin
 Date: January 24th 2019
 Categories: NXT Results
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